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VOX: The co-founder of the DLC wants to take back red districts, not the Democratic Party

August 24, 2017

“When you’re in the minority, you need to expand in every direction.”

By Ezra Klein

To [New Democracy Director Will] Marshall, the Democratic Party’s problem is that it’s looking for a single answer to a question that has as many answers as there are elections. “Different places lend themselves to different strategies,” he says. What works in New Hampshire may not work in Montana. Some districts may need liberal populists; others may need culturally traditionalist incrementalists. Marshall’s main message was that a party that has lost power at every level of government should be wary of being too prescriptive or too choosy going forward.

In its mission statement, New Democracy says, “The road to new Democratic majorities runs through the places we are losing — the outer suburbs and exurbs, smaller cities and towns and rural areas of America’s vast red interior.” Their theory is to look to the candidates already winning in these areas and try to replicate what’s made them successful, both by recruiting and supporting candidates like them and by distilling their learnings and lessons for others.

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