Planks for a New Democratic Platform in 2018 & Beyond

The 2018 midterm elections give U.S. voters their first chance to impose a meaningful check on Donald Trump’s chaotic and destructive presidency as well as on the hyperpartisan Republican governors and legislatures that control the majority of states. Democrats, however, can’t build new and enduring majorities simply through “resistance.” We also owe the American people a positive and genuinely progressive vision for stimulating stronger growth and sharing a new prosperity, uniting citizens around common purposes and values, and reinvigorating our country’s global influence and alliances.

This document offers a first draft for a New Democratic platform – bold and forward-looking ideas for change aimed not just at winning elections but at making American democracy work again. Armed with radically pragmatic ideas like these, Democrats can build a big-tent party and win in every part of America.

Download (PDF, 126KB)