State Sen. Jeff Danielson


State Sen. Jeff Danielson

Jeff Danielson is serving his fourth term in the Iowa State Senate. He represents Hudson, Cedar Falls and Waterloo in Black Hawk County, where he continues to work as a professional firefighter with the City of Cedar Falls and is an adjunct professor of public policy at the University of Northern Iowa.

Senator Danielson is ranking member on the Education Budget. He also serves on the Appropriations, Education, State Government and Transportation committees.

Jeff has a passion for making government work well and work for the people. He lead Iowa’s government efficiency efforts in recent years, responsible for nearly $300 million per year in cost savings, helping Iowa weather the recent recession better than most states with a balanced budget and historically high reserves. Significant accomplishments include hiring Iowa’s first Chief Information Officer, consolidation of IT & other technology resources & workforce reduction initiatives.

Jeff drafted and floor managed the nation’s first campaign finance law in response to the U.S. Supreme Court Citizen’s United ruling in 2010 that granted corporations free speech rights for campaign spending. Iowa’s disclosure and transparency law has been upheld numerous times when faced with court challenges, providing Iowans with accurate and timely campaign spending information to inform their vote.

In recent years, Jeff has helped guide progressive election law changes, like same day registration, vote by mail & voter verified paper trail. In addition, he chaired Iowa’s 2010 decennial census redistricting process in the Senate, leading to broad, bipartisan support of Iowa’s congressional districts and legislative districts. His guiding principle is for Iowa to have the most secure, accurate and efficient elections in America, without disenfranchising a single voter.

He earned a degree in Public Administration (summa cum laude) from the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) and a Master’s of Public Policy from UNI as well. Jeff is a Navy veteran and makes his home in Waterloo, Iowa with his wife Kim and two children, Brendan and Erin.

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