Mayor Bill Peduto

Pittsburgh, PA

Mayor Bill Peduto

Bill Peduto was elected as Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh in 2013. He has dedicated his career to preserving the unique character of Pittsburgh that so many of us love, while making sure that we work together to make Pittsburgh a place that works for all.

Mayor Peduto has spent his time in office putting people first. He has invested millions of dollars into affordable and mixed-income housing, so that no one in Pittsburgh has to be left behind through our economic growth. He has worked with stakeholders to invest in our future by providing summer employment opportunities for our youth. Mayor Peduto has helped to address food insecurity through the city’s free afterschool meals program, serving children and people with disabilities.

Bill Peduto also understands that investing in our communities means keeping us safe. That is why the mayor has hired the highest numbers of police officers, firefighters, and building inspectors in decades. Under Mayor Peduto’s leadership, the City has doubled the amount of street paving since 2014.

As Pittsburgh’s economy has changed, Bill Peduto has had a direct hand in ensuring that the transformation is centered around community-based development plans so that the health of our economy is directly tied to the health of our communities. Mayor Peduto has created the most transparent government in our city’s history by posting his daily schedule and posting publicly-accessible paving lists and building inspection reports online. A leader in sustainability, good government, and in building our new economy, Mayor Peduto continues to be a different kind of mayor.

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