Lt. Gov. Patty Judge


Lt. Gov. Patty Judge

Patty Judge was first elected to the State Senate in 1992 and re-elected in 1996. Along with other committee assignments, Patty served in her party’s caucus as an assistant leader and as the ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. During her two terms in the senate, Patty Judge was responsible for managing and passing a wide variety of legislation. She was well known as the “go-to” person for building consensus both within her caucus and across the political aisle.

In 1998 Patty Judge became the first woman in Iowa to be elected Secretary of Agriculture. Re-elected in 2002, she served two terms in that post.

Throughout her eight years as Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary Judge worked tirelessly promoting renewable fuels – ethanol and biodiesel in particular. Under her leadership, working side by side with farmers and industry stakeholders from across the state, renewable energy grew to become an integral part Iowa’s economy.

Her knowledge and experience of production agriculture allowed her to work with leaders to increase market opportunities for Iowa’s agricultural products. Patty’s extensive travel to countries in Europe, Asia, Central America, and Mexico promoting those products was instrumental in opening new markets for Iowa’s producers.

As a land owner and cattle producer herself, Patty understands the importance of conservation of our land and water. She served as a valued member on national taskforces working to improve water quality while implementing programs to achieve those goals at home.

Patty Judge was elected Lieutenant Governor of Iowa in 2006, serving in that position for four years. During her term in office she served as the Governor’s Homeland Security Advisor (HSA) . As HSA, she was instrumental in coordinating critical response operations during the floods of 2008 and nine other Presidentially declared disasters. Following the floods of 2008, Patty served as first director of the Rebuild Iowa Office as it worked to rebuild homes and businesses on the way to recovery in flood affected communities.
Lt. Governor Judge also led numerous taskforces and worked daily with legislators to craft state budgets and pass legislation.

As a former Registered Nurse, Patty has many years of experience in the health care field, including Public Health. Patty and her family have owned a cow/calf farm in Monroe County for over 40 years. In addition to the farming operation, Patty has owned and operated her own small business, selling and appraising real estate. During the farm crisis of the 1980s, she worked as a mediator with hundreds of farm families and creditors across the state to find solutions to financial troubles.

A lifelong Iowan, Patty Judge has been dedicated to community service, serving on the Albia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, as a 4-H leader, a member of PEO, a honorary FFA Chapter farmer, and a member of the Iowa State Fair Board. She is married to John Judge, has three adult sons, and four grandchildren.

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