Building New Democratic Majorities: Big Ideas for a Big Tent Party

A New Democracy Symposium
Washington, D.C.
July 12, 2018

Heading into the 2018 midterm elections, it’s clear that some Democrats hope to win by default. They are counting on deep public antipathy toward President Trump to produce a “blue wave” that sweeps us back into power.

We hope and expect Democrats to make significant gains this fall, but a purely negative campaign won’t get the job done in the long-term. To build durable majorities beyond November, Democrats must offer voters a fresh and hope-inspiring vision for renewing America’s economic and social progress.

We need your help to develop a new Democratic narrative. Please join us Thursday, July 12, 2018 in Washington for an all-day New Democracy symposium on “Building New Democratic Majorities: Big Ideas for a Big Tent Party.”

This symposium will feature pragmatic Democratic officials and candidates from across the country, top party pollsters and strategists, policy innovators, and entrepreneurs and private sector leaders who share New Democracy’s commitment to shaping a genuinely progressive alternative to populism.

We’ll showcase bigger and bolder ideas for making American democracy work again:

—Spreading entrepreneurial innovation and job creation to distressed communities left behind by economic change;
—Creating an affordable alternative to college for young Americans who prefer to earn credentials that employers value;
—Making energy and climate a winning issue for Democrats by embracing shale and renewable energy and continuing to reduce U.S. carbon emissions;
—Building a 21st Century system of innovative public schools based on autonomy, accountability and customized learning; and,
—Adopting smart fiscal policies that make room for new public investment while reducing the nation’s debts, which hang like a cloud over the millennials’ future.

We’ll also tackle novel ideas for charting a distinctly American course to affordable, high-quality health care for all; reforming taxes to promote work, asset-building and social mobility; confronting China’s challenge to free trade; and, for renewing American leadership of the liberal democratic family of nations.

New Democracy’s goal is to arm rising Democratic leaders and candidates with ideas that reach beyond core partisans and can broaden the party’s base. We hope you’ll join us in this critical exercise.


July 12, 2018
All Day