October 23, 2018

Making Energy and Climate Change Winning Campaign Issues: A Guide for Democratic Candidates

Less than a month before the mid-term elections, top scientists have released a landmark report with dire warnings for America and the world: we must act quickly to prevent runaway climate change that is undermining public safety, threatening national security, and inflicting massive economic costs from climate change impacts.

July 11, 2018

Planks for a New Democratic Platform in 2018 & Beyond

The 2018 midterm elections give U.S. voters their first chance to impose a meaningful check on Donald Trump’s chaotic and destructive presidency as well as on the hyperpartisan Republican governors and legislatures that control the majority of states. Democrats, however, can’t build new and enduring majorities simply through “resistance.” We also owe the American people… View Article

July 10, 2018

How Democrats Make Energy and Climate Change Winning Campaign Issues

For more than a generation, Democrats have valiantly advocated policies to combat the existential problem of climate change. For this they deserve great moral credit. But, sadly, they have often done so with political naiveté and seeming indifference to the complex energy and climate views of most American voters. The result has frequently been political… View Article