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Axios: 1 big thing: Centrist Dems’ new climate advice

July 10, 2018

Ahead of the midterms: A centrist Democratic group says the party has botched its climate and energy strategy for many years — with dire political consequences — and should offer vision that embraces the nation’s fracking boom alongside renewables and efficiency.

New manifesto: The group, New Democracy, has a new paper today that says President Trump and Republicans have overplayed their hands with “nihilistic” stances on climate and coal, creating an opening that Democrats can exploit — if they learn from the past.

“Legitimately concerned about climate change, many top Democrats have simply lost a realistic perspective on domestic energy politics, and especially the major economic and environmental value of the shale oil and gas boom,” writes Paul Bledsoe, an adviser to the group who worked on climate in the Bill Clinton White House.
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