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The Washington Post: I can’t sketch a platform for Democrats. This man can.

August 12, 2017

As I was running out of space in my column last Sunday, I suggested without elaboration that the Democrats need an “honest, hopeful” approach to future campaigns. Some readers — quite reasonably — found that glib. But I’m the wrong person to sketch a platform for Democrats, because, as an independent, I’m not one. (Admittedly, that hasn’t stopped Bernie Sanders.)

Will Marshall is a Democrat, well known to insiders for his long, sometimes lonely, battle to save his party from its suicidal left wing. In the 1980s, he joined Al From, Bruce Reed and others in an effort to drag the party toward the center after three epic defeats: Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush won the electoral college by a combined 1,440 to 173.

Their New Democrat movement found its face in Bill Clinton, whose upbeat centrism made him the first member of his party to win multiple terms since Franklin D. Roosevelt. Barack Obama went to school on Clinton’s rhetoric of optimistic pragmatism.

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