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Radio Iowa: ‘New Democracy’ group hosts Iowa discussion about Democrats’ message

October 16, 2017

Democrats gathered in Des Moines today for a discussion about the future of their party.

The event was organized by “New Democracy” — a group that describes its mission as making an appeal to voters who are Republicans or not aligned with either of the country’s main political parties and “make Democrats.”

Former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius said Democrats have to start explaining how government can make a positive difference in the lives of Americans.

“You can’t cede territory,” said Sebelius, who won four statewide races in Kansas before joining President Obama’s cabinet in 2009. “You can’t just say: ‘Well, I’ll only campaign in the seven urban counties where 70 percent of the vote comes from,’ so you start there,” Sebelius says. “…People want to know you’re more like them than different from them.”

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