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The Kansas City Star: Why are Democrats losing in the heartland? Here are some ideas

October 16, 2017

The seminar was sponsored by a think tank called New Democracy, founded by Will Marshall, who was a co-founder of the centrist “Third Way” Democratic Leadership Council that launched Bill Clinton. But this effort is not so much a group for centrists, though there were some in attendance. Instead, it’s dedicated to the idea that the one-size-fits-all imposition of coastal values onto the Democratic Party has doomed it to a minority status that was only masked by Obama’s success.

Kansas City Mayor Sly James gave one of the best received talks here. “As a people,’’ he told the crowd, “we’re stuck in this endless ideological argument and don’t seem to be willing admit” that neither side is going to be won over by the other. Instead of staying locked in that trap, he said, we need to elect leaders with common sense and put people ahead of party, period.

It’s true that that’s easier for mayors than for members of Congress. But it’s not something you hear very often from Democrats on the coasts.

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