October 16, 2017

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: Rural voters the topic of Democratic conversations

“(The 2016 election) brought home a reality that we were dimly aware of, but were not focused on,” said Will Marshall, who formed New Democracy. “We have to expand the party and we have to expand in all directions, reaching beyond our core partisans and engaging voters who are not now Democrats or are not… View Article

September 28, 2017

LA Times: Democrats need to put forward a tax plan too

Goaded by President Trump, Republican leaders outlined a tax-reform plan this week that is marginally less generous to the wealthy than many conservatives would like. As the GOP struggles to cobble together an actual bill that can unite their fractious party, it’s tempting for Democrats to sit back and enjoy the show. When your opponents… View Article

September 26, 2017

New York Magazine: America Wasn’t Built for Humans

Tribalism was an urge our Founding Fathers assumed we could overcome. And so it has become our greatest vulnerability. From time to time, I’ve wondered what it must be like to live in a truly tribal society. Watching Iraq or Syria these past few years, you get curious about how the collective mind can come… View Article

September 26, 2017

POLITICO: ‘Negative Partisanship’ Explains Everything

Conservatives and liberals don’t just disagree—they actually like to hate each other. And it’s getting uglier. If you’re confused about why a president whose campaign is under investigation for its possible ties to Russian hackers, whose approval ratings are abysmal only halfway into his first year, whose legislative agenda is already off the rails, and… View Article

September 07, 2017

Dems Upping Game in Red Zone

Donald Trump’s presidency seems to be going nowhere fast, but he does have one major political accomplishment under his belt: He has unified the normally fractious Democratic Party. Whereas Ronald Reagan and the Bushes could count on some Democrats to support their initiatives, opposition to Trump is monolithic. Democrats regard him as a shambolic interloper… View Article

September 06, 2017

High-paying energy jobs are key for Democrats in 2018

by Paul Bledsoe Clean-energy policies championed by Democrats over the last decade have helped create millions of high-paying energy jobs for American workers. And innovative Democratic policies going forward can help spur millions more good jobs — in energy efficiency, natural gas, nuclear energy, carbon capture, wind, solar, electric vehicles and infrastructure — in coming… View Article

August 28, 2017

New York Magazine: Do the New Democratic Centrists Come in Peace?

When a new Democratic group launched earlier this month with the announced goal of expanding the party’s electoral base into more conservative territory, the ranks of those who are ever-ready for a “struggle for the soul of the Democratic Party” rejoiced. That included conservativeseager to suggest the group would be a redoubt for pro-life candidates… View Article

August 28, 2017

Out on the road with Sanders and Warren: Will the Democrats follow them to the left?

Yet as the party moves leftward, centrist Democrats are finding their position on the island increasingly precarious. “The political energy has migrated to the polar extremes on both sides and it has left a large swath of the population feeling homeless,” said Will Marshall, one of the leading intellectual architects of the neoliberal “New Democrat”… View Article

August 28, 2017

A Conversation with Mark Lilla on His Critique of Identity Politics

“But one thing that I’ve said to students is you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone. You’ve got to go to places where the Wi-Fi sucks, where you have no desire to take a picture of your dinner, where you’re sitting at dinner with people who have their heads bowed in prayer in… View Article

August 24, 2017

VOX: The co-founder of the DLC wants to take back red districts, not the Democratic Party

“When you’re in the minority, you need to expand in every direction.” By Ezra Klein To [New Democracy Director Will] Marshall, the Democratic Party’s problem is that it’s looking for a single answer to a question that has as many answers as there are elections. “Different places lend themselves to different strategies,” he says. What… View Article